Privacy Policy

Gradient Ascent Inc. - Greeter Solution Privacy Policy - June 2020


Gradient Ascent is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and the need of citizens to protect any personal information. 

Gradient Ascent is compliant with federally and substantially similar provincially mandated legislations.


Gradient Ascent’s Privacy Officer is accountable and responsible for monitoring company-wide adherence to privacy policies. Moreover, the Privacy Officer:

  •  ensures compliance, 

  • manages complaints and responds to any internal or external requests for personal and personal health information and any inquiries about Gradient Ascent’s health information management. 

Gradient Ascent is responsible for personal information in its possession or any information transferred to a third party.

As an organization, Gradient Ascent:

  • Has tools to support appropriate privacy controls and best practices,

  • Implements protocols to ensure security and protection of personal information,

  • Ensures that staff follow privacy policies in place.

Pragmatic Approach

  • Gradient Ascent provides Customers (healthcare organizations) with options and flexibility to collect, use, disclose and retain information (such as, images or video) which may be considered personal or personal health information. 

  • Unless otherwise configured, no data is collected. The information is not shared with or retained on any other devices over any network.

  • Gradient Ascent’s Customers have the option to inform patients and employees about the planned use and disclosure of any collected data.

  • If elected by the Customer, anonymized, aggregated, and completely unidentifiable data (such as, total number of users, durations, etc.) can be collected, computed, and stored explicitly for the purpose and only for the purpose of analysis, research, and management. No personal data or health data would be stored about any individuals. 

  • The collection of personal and personal health information is limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by Gradient Ascent and the Customer. The Customer has the choice not to collect and store any data. 

  • The data is collected by transparent, fair, and lawful means.

  • The Customer has the option to share data with Gradient Ascent. Default option is to not share any data with Gradient Ascent. Gradient Ascent does not have any way to access data collected and retained by the Customer without explicit permission from the Customer.

  • The Customer is responsible for getting the consent from the individual. Gradient Ascent does not have a direct relationship with the individual, and so it would not be possible to seek consent. 

  • Gradient Ascent will make every reasonable effort to ensure that personal and personal health information collected and used is accurate, assuming the information provided by the individual was accurate. Gradient Ascent can not ensure that the individual provides accurate information.